Why Should I Do a Clearance Search for a Trademark?

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A trademark clearance search is an essential first step before launching a new brand. Trademark clearance searches can identify significant registration risks. Two of the main issues are identifying whether any prior applications or registrations are so similar and for such related goods or services that they are likely to be confused, and identifying whether the potential mark is conceptually strong or weak. Choosing poorly can require a business to rebrand, a process that takes time, effort, and money, and risks losing established customers.

Traditionally, trademark searches have been done by the brand owner personally or by an attorney or paralegal operating on their behalf. Brand owners can search using manual search engines like the US Patent & Trademark Office’s TESS database or its commercial imitators, and attorneys or paralegals can use these tools or professional versions that have more reporting features.

You have already found a better way to search. TrademarkClear.com provides you with an instant, statistically-generated analysis of mark strength and confusion risks on the USPTO registry. You do not need to figure out how to use a complicated manual search tool or come up with search strategies: TrademarkClear.com divides up your mark into its component parts, does dozens of mark similarity searches and thousands of goods-and-services and class comparisons for you, and instantly highlights the most similar prior pending applications or registrations.

While TrademarkClear.com was designed by a trademark lawyer, it is not a lawyer or a law firm – it is software that provides a statistical analysis of trademark data. If you want a legal opinion, you will need to hire a lawyer.