What Is the Cost To File a Trademark Application?

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Filing fees depend on how many international classes the applicant’s products or services fall in, and how the application is filed with the US Patent & Trademark Office. For more information about international classes, see our guide "What Is an International Class In a Trademark Application?"

Filing option Requirements Cost per Int’l Class
  • most flexible, but usually no added value
  • application can be submitted on paper
TEAS RF (Reduced Fee)
  • applicant or counsel must file electronically
  • applicant or counsel must agree to communicate via email
  • same as TEAS RF but limited to preapproved list of goods/services in the Trademark ID Manual
  • must prepay fees for all classes
  • must include all relevant miscellaneous statements

TEAS Plus is a great choice for many applicants that sell only products or services that are easily describe in the Trademark ID Manual, since it saves $50. Applicants that sell more complicated or difficult-to-describe products or services may be better served by TEAS RF. If you still own and use a VCR, traditional TEAS is probably for you.

Internationally, filing fees can vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you factor in local counsel’s fees plus official filing fees, costs can often exceed $1,500 for the first class in an application.